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Dr Jason Sparks Chiropractor Beerwah
Dr. Jason Sparks
Chiropractor & Owner

Dr Jason is a motivated, passionate and holistic Chiropractor of 10 years and loves helping people along their health journey.

Dr Jason graduated from Murdoch University in Perth, WA in 2013 and initially concentrated in the field of sports such as crossfit athletes, gymnasts, rugby players and he quickly noticed a greater impact using Chiropractic as a tool to teach the essential requirements for optimal human health and the connection between mind, body and spirit for the patients he cared for and their family.

During Dr Jasons free time he helps facilitate mens mental health workshops, volunteers at ‘adjusting the homeless’ events, supports athletic events and receives invites to give health talks for local businesses. Dr Jason, his wife Chloe and baby Zennen live a healthy and active lifestyle and are enjoying exploring all that Queensland has to offer

Dr. Natasha Herbst

Dr Natasha loves helping people regain their health and vitality in order to live a better, fuller life. She uses a range of chiropractic techniques tailored to each individual and loves helping people of all ages reach their true potential through holistic chiropractic care.

Dr Natasha grew up in Townsville in North Queensland, before moving to Brisbane to pursue a career in music. After being a musician for so many years, a friend introduced her to chiropractic to help with her postural fatigue. She loved the philosophy of chiropractic so much that she became a chiropractic assistant. After seeing all the benefits chiropractic was having day in and out for patients, she decided to move to Melbourne to study to become a chiropractor herself. She graduated from the 5 year degree at RMIT with distinction before returning home to Queensland.

Dr Natasha Herbst Chiropractor Beerwah
Dr. Olivia Peacock

Dr Olivia grew up in Victoria and has recently made the move to Sunshine Coast to enjoy more of the beautiful lifestyle that the coast has to offer. Olivia was introduced to Chiropractic through equine (horse) Chiropractic. Both her and her horse received Chiropractic care and she couldn't believe how incredible she felt after getting adjusted. So much so, she began her Chiropractic degree at RMIT the very next year and graduated with Distinction. 

Olivia is experienced in a range of techniques, which she tailors to each individual to ensure they get the most out of their Chiropractic care. Olivia has a deep appreciation for the cleverness of our bodies and utilises multi-faceted approach, designed to incorporate harmony into all areas of your life, so you're able to live your life expressing vitality, just as nature intended. 

Olivia is very excited to be on the Sunshine Coast with her horse, Wally and is looking forward to being part of the Adjust To Life team. She is dedicated to providing excellent care to the community alongside Jason and Natasha. 

Practice Manager

Annie has a wealth of experience, having worked in several chiropractic clinics around Queensland. Chiropractic has helped to maintain her health and mobility to do the activities she loves.


Annie enjoys living a vibrantly healthy life that chiropractic is part of and is eager to spread the word to others about the benefits of chirorpactic. Annie enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family and puppies.

Katie pic_edited_edited.png
Chiropractic Assistant /Technical

Katie, a Queensland native, has a background in health, culture, and family dynamics. She loves spending time with her two puppies and actively participates in community engagement through touch football and stakeholder interactions. 


 With five years of expertise in children's development, Katie discovered chiropractic care as a profound avenue for impact. This exploration into the health sector has not only deepened her understanding but also allowed her to significantly enhance the knowledge of maintaining a healthy nervous system within the family. Through her work, Katie witnesses and appreciates the vital benefits that chiropractic care offers, positioning it as a cornerstone for overall


Chiropractic Assistant /Technical

Stacey was born in South Africa moved to Australia as a child. She loves the lifestyle Australia has to offer and in her free time she loves to be outdoors climbing mountains, hiking and spending time at the beach.


As someone who lives a healthy and active life, she has found Chiropractic care greatly improves her ability to maintain this lifestyle and helps her recover to the best of her ability.


She is very caring and loves meeting new people at the practice and seeing them receiving the same benefits to their health.

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